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Our Promise

  • Vegetarian Icon Vegan-Friendly

    All our Wellness Gummies are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Chemical Free icon No Artificial Flavours

    No artificial flavours are used in the making of our delicious wellness gummies. Discover the natural deliciousness of mixed berries, apple and more in our blends.

  • Anxiety icon 100% recyclable

    All of our Wellness Gummies are fully recyclable, from the jars to the packaging your orders are sent in.

CBD & its ingredients

Frequently asked questions – answered

Cannaray’s collection of Wellness Gummies are super-boosted with vitamins and minerals to guide you through life’s ups and downs – whether you’re struggling with sleep, dealing with stress, or needing support through menopause. They make it easy to get the daily goodness you need – all you do is chew two of your chosen Gummies per day. Plus, with natural, fruity flavours, they add a delicious twist to maintaining your wellbeing.

They’re easy to take, great to taste, and feature ingredients that support a restful night… The infusion of Vitamin B6 helps to regulate your hormone activity and promote psychological function, whilst Zinc supports cognitive function – ideal if a busy mind keeps you awake. What more could you want from the Sleep Gummies?

Menopause affects us in a whole range of ways. It impacts bone health, the condition of skin and hair, emotional wellbeing, vaginal health, memory, and so much more. So it takes a special kind of supplement to guide you through all of these symptoms, and the Menopause Gummies have got you covered. From the boost of Vitamin B12 that regulates hormone activity, to the infusion of Vitamin A to improve skin health – two chews per day support your body through every change.

The best wellness routines are consistent, so take two Ashwagandha Gummies every day to get the full benefits. With any supplement, it can take a few weeks before you start to notice results, so keep consistent with your daily dose.  

You can get a dose of Sea Moss from something called Sea Moss Gel or Sea Moss Paste. However, it’s not easy to come by, it’s tricky to add to daily meals, and the taste isn’t pleasant to many. So, with quick, easy chewing, high absorption and the freshest Apple flavour, taking Cannaray Sea Moss Gummies is a much simpler way of adding this nutritionally dense seaweed to your well-being routine.